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The IntroPlayer

The IntroStarter

The problem with starting a larger presentation from a CD is that it takes considerably longer than from the hard drive. Depending on the system being used, the transfer rate can vary from between one a four megabytes per second. This means that a 25 MB file would take between 6 and 25 seconds to load from the CD onto the PC.

Because they are getting no feedback, some users will have the impression that nothing is happening although they have inserted the CD or started the Player.

The IntroStarter can be used to get round this problem. The job of this tiny IntroStarter program (0,12MB) is to output a loading message onto the user's screen and then start the IntroPlayer. The IntroStarter program closes as soon as the presentation begins.

The loading message

Where does the IntroStarter look for the IntroPlayer

The IntroStarter searches for the IntroPlayer in the same folder or in a sub-folder with the name "Intro". If the IntroStarter cannot find the IntroPlayer, it will then search for a file named "ItrStart.ini" in the same folder or in a sub-folder named "Intro". When the Starter finds these files, it interprets and executes the information found in them.

The ItrStart.ini file

The "ItrStart.ini" file is only needed if you want to display your own loading message, if you want to choose a different language or if the IntroPlayer is located in a different folder from the ones described above.

If the "Copy IntroStarter into project folder" option was checked during the Project Assistant, you will find the program for the Starter "ItrStart.exe" and a file named "ItrStart.ini" in your project folder and this can be edited using Windows NotePad.


For "INTRO=" enter the search path for the IntroPlayer.
For "IMAGE=" enter the search path for your own loading image.

Search path
The search path must be relative to the folder in which the IntroStarter is located.

The size of the loading image must be 300 x 200 pixels and can be created in jpg-, bmp- or gif- format.