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The IntroPlayer

Linking your presentation to the "CDMenuPro" autoplay menu program

CDMenuPro is an easy-to-use tool for creating graphic autorun CD applications. CDMenuPro has been designed to integrate the intro into its functions.   (

If you are a licensed user of CDMenuPro, you can link your intro to it in the following way:

1. Starting presentations in advance of the menu

  • Create a sub-folder called "Intro" in the CDMenuPro project folder.
  • Copy all the intro files into this folder as explained in the Distribution section.
  • Start the CDMenuPro Editor.
  • Open your project in the Editor.
  • Select the following from the menu bar: "Properties - Program start events..."
  • Check the "Play intro" option".
  • Enter intro\Intro.exe into the "Intro Player" entry field: .
  • Leave the "Intro file" field empty.

CDMenuPro - dialog window for defining the program start events

If you have created larger presentations that take a quite a long time to load from the CD, please proceed as folllows:

  • Copy the "ItrStart.exe" file into the "Intro" sub-folder (see here...)
  • Instead of "Intro.exe", enter "ItrStart.exe" into the "Programm start events" dialog window.

2. Linking the presentation to a CDMenuPro button

Because you don't have to use a presentation as an introduction, you might also want to link it to a menu button. This button is used to activate the presentation as soon as a menu user clicks on it.

  • Insert a new button into the menu window.
  • Make sure the name you give to your button will be easily understood by your users (i.e.: Product Presentation)
  • Click on the link tab
  • Enter the following into the "Application" field: "Intro/Intro.exe". Please use the Browse... button to enter the path of the file.

Linking buttons in CDMenuPro

3. Linking several presentations to CDMenuPro

If you would like to link several presentations to CDMenuPro, you can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Create a number of sub-folders "Intro1", "Intro2", "Intro3",... and then proceed in the manner described above.

  2. Compile your presentations and then rename the compiled files in the following way "Intro1.exe", "Intro2.exe", "Intro3.exe",... Now link each of these files to a button in the way described above.

  3. Rename the presentation files "Intro1.itr", "Intro2.itr", "Intro3.itr",... and link to a button in the following way:
    • Document: (empty)
    • Application: Intro/Intro.exe
    • Parameter: Intro1.itr (Intro2.itr,...etc.)


You will find more details about CDMenuPro online at: