Create Multimedia Presentations for CD, DVD, USB Stick

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The IntroPlayer

The presentation that you have created will be played back on the IntroPlayer (Intro.exe), which is included in the software package. A timer is used to control when each slide is displayed.

Once IntroPlayer has been activated, the program will automatically search for the show file named "Intro.itr", load it and present the presentation according to the settings in the file. The show file is not needed for compiled presentations. This is because the file becomes a component part of the player following the compilation process.

The title

Two buttons are positioned on the title bar of the player window: The button on the left is used to call up the pop-up menu and the button on the right to close the player.

The context menu

The context menu is called up by right clicking in the Player window or by clicking on the corresponding button in the window's title bar.

The context menu offers the following functions:

  • Sound control (volume)
  • Minimize (minimizes the Player window)
  • Contact and copyright details (only when these have been defined)
  • Exit (stops and closes the Player)

Sound control

If the pop-up menu is used to call up the sound control function, a small settings dialog window is opened for switching off the sound or changing the volume. This dialog window closes automatically following 5 seconds of inactivity.

Your contact information

The pop-up menu can also be used to call up the contact information defined in the "Project Settings" dialog window. This menu option is only available when this information has been defined.

Your file details

If you have compiled your project (only available with the business license version), XP Windows Explorer will display your file details in a tool tip window.

For all other Windows systems, the file details are called up by right clicking on a file entry and selecting "Properties" from the pop-up menu.