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The IntroCreator

Unlocking the Program

If you want to use the software on a regular basis or want to distribute IntroPlayer on CD ROMs for private or commercial purposes, it must be licensed.
(Distribute = to give it out to one or more persons)

You will find more detailed information on this issue here...

When you order the IntroCreator, you will receive an unlocking code that transforms the program into a full working version when it is entered.

You will find more information about how and where you can order the IntroCreator program here...

Entering your unlocking code (registration data) into the IntroCreator program

    Example of an unlocking code (registration data)
    Name=[Example] No.=[01234-56789-01234-56789-012345678]

Start IntroCreator and select the following from the menu bar: "Help - Unlock Intro ..."

Registration dialog window

Enter the name and registration no. into this dialog window.

Projects Created before Registration

Please use the following approach for projects that were created before registering:

  • Start IntroCreator
  • Load project
  • Save project
Doing this will save the unlocking information into the project file.