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The IntroCreator

Inserting a Text Object

Click on the button marked "Insert text..." in the edit slide dialog window.

Text position
Here you can specify the position of your text in pixels. You will be able to move your text object later by dragging it.

Text / text attributes
Enter the text that you would like to display along with its font and color.

Insert animation
Here you can select a insert animation from the list box.

Time / time delay
The time that you enter here 1/1000 seconds (1000 = 1 second) will be used by the IntroPlayer to define the time it takes for this object to be displayed after the display of the previous object has ended.

Important notice regarding fonts:

From version 2.20 and above it is possible to embed TrueType fonts and OpenFonts in the *itr. presentation file.

This enables the text objects to be displayed on the target PC in exactly the same font that you have used for the design even when the font is not already installed on the computer. Only fonts without licensing restrictions, however, can be embedded.

If you choose a font with license restrictions, IntroCreator will output a corresponding message.