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The IntroCreator

Editing Slides

Click on the thumbnail image of the slide you would like to edit in the IntroCreator's main window. A slide-editing dialog window is opened.

You can use this dialog window to add text, images or rectangular objects to the slide and to determine the sequence in which they appear.

Edit slide
This is used for setting the slide's properties. You will find more detailed information on this subject here...

Insert objects
Click on the button for inserting a new slide object. For the "Text" and "Image" objects an additional dialog window will be opened for specifying their properties. For the "Rectangle" object the cursor will change into a cross. Position your cursor on the background image, left click and hold. The rectangle is created by dragging your mouse down and to the right. As soon as you release your mouse button, a dialog window for setting the rectangle's parameters is opened.

Selecting an object
Left click on an object with your mouse. The object is given a dotted frame to denote that it has been selected.

Selecting several objects
Objects can also be selected by clicking in the slide window (for instance in the top left hand corner) using the left mouse key and, while keeping the key pressed, dragging the mouse down towards the right. You will see that a dotted frame appears. On releasing the mouse key, all the objects within this dotted frame will be selected.

Editing objects
Select an object and then click on the "Edit object" button. You can also open the object dialog window by double clicking on the object.

Sequence method 1
Click on the "Object sequence" button. Now click on all the objects according to the order in which you want them to be displayed.

Sequence method 2
Click on the "Object list" button. Click on the object that you would like to move in the list and use the arrow buttons to move it to the correct position (time). Click here for more details.

Here you can set up a grid on which to position the slide objects. If you use a grid, the upper left corner of an object is always moved to the nearest grid position.

Moving objects
Select the object, then left click and hold. With the mouse key still held, drag the object into its correct position.