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The IntroCreator

Inserting a New Slide

This is how to add a new slide to the presentation:

  • Go to the menu bar and select: ""Slide - Insert slide..." or
  • Select "Insert slide" from the pop-up menu or
  • click on the corresponding button in the toolbar or
  • double click on the first free thumbnail image of the slide
A dialog window is opened for selecting the background image.

Important notes:
Every slide has to be given a background image. The background images have to correspond exactly to the size specified. For a maximum Player size of 640 x 480 pixels, the image size would be exactly 638 x 466 pixels.

Specify whether you would like to use a pre-prepared background or whether you would like to use a background image of your own. This is done by clicking on "Intro background" or "User background".

Intro background
Chose the background that you would like to use from the list box and then click on the OK button.

User background
Click on "User background" and then on the "Browse..." button. Now click on your pre-prepared image file.

Edit image file
If the size of your background image does not match those specified exactly, please proceed as follows: Click on "Copy image file into project folder" after you have selected your background image. Now click on the "Edit image file" button. This will start you graphics software together with the image that you have specified. Now you can alter the size of your image or cut out a particular section. When you have finished, save your file under the same name.

Which graphic format should I use?
Graphic files containing copy, symbols, lines or frames should be saved in gif or bmp format. Images containing photographs or photo-similar content should be saved in jpg format.