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The IntroCreator

The Object List

The object list can be invoked from the slide's edit dialog window using the "Object list" button.

The object list lists line-for-line in a list box the sequence in which all the objects are displayed.

Editing objects
Click on an object line to highlight the object. Now, using the "Edit object" button the object properties dialog window can be invoked or, using the "Delete object", an object can be deleted.

Selecting several objects
Several objects can also be selected by keeping the "Strg"-key pressed, and clicking on the objects in the list.

Duplicating an object
Click on an object line to highlight the object that you would like to duplicate. Now click on the "Duplicate object" tab. A copy of the object is inserted at the end of the list. At the same time a position dialog window is opened for entering the new position of the object.

Click on an object line and use the "Object-Position" arrow buttons to move the object up or down. Object number 1 is displayed first and the object at the bottom of the list is displayed last.