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The IntroCreator

Inserting an Image Object

Image objects are image files in jpg, bmp, dib, wmf, emf and gif format. Animated gifs can also be included. An image object can assume the maximum size of the slide. You can also define a trasparent color. Using transparent images makes it possible to realize copy in the font of your choice and with as many graphic effects as you want.

Limitations for animated gifs
Animated gifs cannot be inserted in animated form. In addition to this, you will also be unable to place or overlap other slide objects on top of animated gifs. It is, however, possible to position animated gifs on top of objects that have already been displayed.

Click on the button marked "Insert image..." in the edit slide dialog window.

Image position
Enter the position of the upper left corner of the image object here. You can also drag and drop the image object into position using your mouse.

Image file
Enter your image file here using the "Browse..." button. It makes good sense to copy the image into the project folder first as this makes it easier to make subsequent changes to the project.

Insert animation
If you want, you can also insert image objects from all sides of the slide.

Time / time delay
The time that you enter here 1/1000 seconds (1000 = 1 second) will be used by the IntroPlayer to define the time it takes for this object to be displayed after the display of the previous object has ended.