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The IntroCreator

The Compiler

Please Note:
The Compiler is only available with the registered Business License version.

Using the Compiler, the project file (Intro.itr) can be integrated into the IntroPlayer (Intro.exe) file. This enables you to use one single file to distribute the Intro.

In addition to this, the icon and the file information entered under "Project - Settings" is also inserted into the IntroPlayer.

System requirements

The Compiler will only work on the following Windows systems:

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
The maximum file size for the project file (intro.itr) is 25 MB.

Naturally, the compiled file can be played on all Win32 systems. The system limitations apply to the compilation process only. This means, then, that IntroCreator users using Windows 95/98/ME systems will have to distribute both the Player (Intro.exe) and the project file (Intro.itr).

Sound file
If you are using a sound file, this cannot be integrated into the compilation process. This means that you need to add your sound file when distributing the Player.


When you have finished your intro project, select the following from the menu bar: "Compiler - Compile project...". When the compiler window opens, click on the button marked "Compile".

After compiling

Back up your entire project including your source files. This is important because it is not possible to carry out backwards compilation (recovering your source files from a compiled Player).

Deleting the project file out of the Player file

Select the following from the Introcreator's menu bar: "Compiler - Compile project...". When the compiler window opens, click on the button marked "Delete".

Please Note: When you click on "Delete" all that happens is that a non-compiled Player file is copied from the program folder into the project folder.